People often have the impression that user experience is a fad, super complicated processes and difficult to achieve for smaller companies that are not Apple or Netflix. But in reality, it's not that complicated!

It is just a matter of taking into account who we are talking to, who we are addressing, and making our tools as simple as possible for that person, who is not interested in the limitations of our technology or our process. It's about making the machines a little more human.

It is in this perspective that I approach your project and your context, to offer you a solution tailored to your needs. Finally, I always try to provide you with various tools that will help you use your solution and make you autonomous in time to sustain it.


  1. Discovery call and brief on what is expected: current and future needs
  2. Evaluation of your situation: analysis of the user experience and the brand currently in place
  3. Redesign or refresh of the branding and/or the interface
  4. Implementation of tools to support your autonomy and the long-term establishment of a good user experience

For an image that suits your colors

Whether you are creating a new brand image or making yours last over time, it is important to establish a strategy and intentions that will be reflected in your designs and interfaces.

Some services

  • Analysis and strategy for the creation of a brand
  • Creation of visual language and brand image variations
  • Digital and printed promotional visuals
User experience

To speak to the human in front of the screen

The experience you give your users on your site and in your digital services will greatly influence how they feel about your company, no matter what brand image you're trying to project. Everything must be aligned.

Some services

  • Website experience and content audit
  • Content organization and information architecture
  • Wireframes of the interface
  • User testing and prototyping
User interface

For user-friendly interfaces

After a user experience review, I develop easy-to-use and efficient interfaces, both for the web and for mobile applications. This can take the form of a complete overhaul of the art direction or simply visual adjustments of the elements already in place.

Some services

  • Art direction of website and variations
  • Application design for mobile and tablet
  • Implementation of a style library and interface components, such as a design system

Education and support

Whether it is to train your team to tools or practices, or to accompany your team in the use of tools with a user-centered approach, I offer various training sessions covering different business needs.

Figma course for designers

Train your design team to the basics of Figma.

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Design Systems Support

Build and document a component library for your digital products.

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Custom course

Want a course but can't find anything that fully suits your needs? Let's talk about creating something that is right for you and your context.

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