A renewal for Quebec's first microbrewery

Unibroue is the first microbrewery in Quebec. Founded in 1994, it brews more than twenty types of beers in Chambly. The company has redesigned its brand image and website in the spring of 2021.


March-April 2021


Project made at QuatreCentQuatre.

Project cover


I was mandated by the agency QuatreCentQuatre to take over the Unibroue project. The art direction of the main pages had been previously done by the agency that was in charge of the redesign of the brand. My role was to create the remaining pages of the site by creating new layouts for the content while respecting what had been established.

Main tasks

  • Declining of the artistic direction on new pages of the site to implement
  • Content organization, user experience adjustments and modifications on the previously created pages

Project team

Operations Manager: Patrick McConnell
Project management: Sophie Denis Le Lijours, Carl Trudel
Creative director: Marie-Bénédicte Jacquemin
Art Direction: Elise Morin
Branding by Les évadés

Final look

The new pages are meant to be in continuity with what was previously created. In collaboration with the two agencies responsible for the account and the client for the content, I proposed various models to propose new original elements that met the intention and content presented.

  • Reuse of the strong graphic elements that made the personality of the brand in the other sections
  • Creation of new blocks for the more textual contents of the new pages
  • Documentation of details and micro-animations throughout the site