I was missing the human connection. It was in the user experience that I finally found it. It gave me the feeling that I was creating something that took into account a context and the people who would use the interfaces I was designing. The experience you give your users, on your site and in your digital services, is going to greatly influence how they feel about your company, no matter what brand image you're trying to project. Everything has to be aligned.

My mission is to simplify all these best practices of user experience in order to give you the right tools for your business, your application or your website.

Whether it's a UX audit, a rebranding or simply a realignment of what's already in place, my goal is not to provide you with a "one size fits all" formula but something that directly addresses your situation.

Stéphanie understands the design direction I have in mind for my projects. The solutions she proposes are both right on target and include innovative aspects that would never have occurred to me. And that's more than enough to justify working with a professional.

Hélène-Sarah Bécotte,



IDEA, Produits et expériences numériques


Pica magazine



Objectif Lune

2nd place - Logo contest



I also share my passion for user experience by participating in conferences and workshops.

I want to share my process and my projects through conferences that are as inspiring as they are authentic, with the goal that the audience learns something. I share the highs and lows that can occur during long user experience projects, such as dealing with stakeholders, users, and collaboration in large teams.

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  • Being a freelancer
  • Working as a designer UI/UX
  • Sport as a side hustle


Since fall 2021, I joined the Multimedia Integration Technique team at Bois-de-Boulogne College as a teacher. I am in charge of graphic design, web interface and user experience classes.


Sometimes, I'm on the front page.

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