Branding Website


A new, refined image for an evolving website for a university publication

Multimodalité(s) is the new name of the Revue de Recherches en Littératie Médiatique Multimodale (R2LMM), produced by the Multimodal Media Literacy Research Chair. It aims to produce and publish interdisciplinary content on digital literacy, its teaching and the implications.


January to June 2023


Produced for the NT2 Laboratory, a research laboratory on hypermedia works at UQÀM.

Project cover


The clients took advantage of the website's technology upgrade to develop a new layout and propose a new, more up-to-date brand image for the journal.

To begin with, the brand image was redesigned. The look chosen represents multi-facetedness or multimodality, while incorporating key elements of Swiss international style, such as present typography and a strong grid.

Main tasks:

  • Complete rebranding of the journal
  • New art direction for the website
  • Proposed improvements to user experience for certain sections

Client team:

Project supervisor: Nathalie Lacelle

Project manager: Emmanuelle Lescouet

Web development: John Boyle-Singfield


Final look

Following the introduction of the new brand image, all the pages of the website were reorganized and redesigned according to the journal's current needs, which had evolved over the last few years. The use of the brand's vivid colors, together with graphic elements such as lines, structure the layout. The duality of the two typefaces gives rhythm to the graphic elements without cluttering them with visual elements.