Jeu Vérité ou Quoi?

To distinguish between real and fake news

Jeu Vérité ou quoi? is an online game and broadcasting platform that simplifies scientific concepts and promotes science directed towards people between the ages of 18 and 30.

Project cover


I was approached in the spring of 2021 by the project team in order to lay the foundations of the brand image that the game would constitute. The goal was to create a brand image that was attractive to the target young audience, as well as a design that was dynamic. In addition, the game aspect had to be represented in the image. Color and typography choices were set to reflect these goals.

Main tasks

  • Creation of the initial brand fondations for the projet, then a revision of the initial brand image following the name change.
  • Implementation of brand guidelines
  • Creation of several templates for the diffusion of content on social networks and the podcast


Final look

The goal was to create a brand image that was visually appealing, youthful, and dynamic, and for the game to be seen as a fun and creative activity. The game's aspect had to be present but with a unique twist that went against conventions. My objective was to create an engaging brand that would capture the interest of young people and make them want to play.