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Arium Capital

Capital management takes a clever turn

Arium is an investment company that offers venture-type financial assistance to start-up companies or projects.

Project cover


I was approached to create the complete branding of the new private equity fund Arium. The brand strategy was built around the aspect of collaboration and support, which is at the core of Arium's activities, and to illustrate the road to success and the springboard to growth that investment is intended to provide. It was important for Arium to illustrate the link between the entrepreneur and the investments, which is at the heart of their values.

Main tasks

  • Complete branding creation
  • Setting up of a graphic standards guide and printed versions of the brand
  • Creation of the interface, development and implementation of their website

Some sketches of initial proposals for the brand image.

Final Look

The main avenue chosen was to play on the word Arium, which means container or vessel. In addition to the basic elements, I also created printed variations such as stationery, elements for social networks and produced the website. The overall look is minimalist, using a bright blue as an accent. The chosen approach balances the seriousness of the investment with the collaborative approach that the brand wants to convey. Several graphic elements, such as the logotype, are used to visualize the link between the brand and the client, and are counterbalanced with round typography to bring a more friendly side.