A simplified view for 2 data presentation tools

Refactoring of the internal PSEP and DEFI data consultation and visualization tools in order to improve the user experience and update the interfaces of both products.


January - April 2020


Project realized for the SRAM.

Project cover


Following the redesign of the website, the SRAM team wanted to entrust me with a user experience problem this time. Indeed, they have various internal tools that allow them to consult and extract different data on admission, success, and the student body of member colleges. I was therefore commissioned to work on 2 of them, PSEP and DEFI.

Client team

IT Director: Renée Verlan
Research Advisor: Émilie Langlois-Bellemare
Business analyst: Gilles Pelletier


I worked jointly with the business analyst responsible for the redesign as well as the research advisor who oversees the use of tools in SRAM colleges. Through several meetings, I presented several iterations that took into account the following steps:

  • Discussion with the advisor in charge of tools and their training, who had already identified issues and/or frequent questions from users during their workshops
  • Audit reviewing the current state of tools
  • Redesign of the information architecture to standardize it


Final look

The adjusted and updated interface of the tool offers a renewed visual, integrating UI details allowing users to better understand the presented elements. Since there is a large amount of information and variables that are possible, it was necessary to provide elements that allow the user to easily navigate through this complexity.

  • Standardization of the visual and steps between the two tools (same functioning with the steps, same information architecture)
  • Addition of help sections and a user guide to both applications