Pica magazine

Playing with space(s) as a theme for the 4th edition

Pica is a student-run project that celebrates the vitality of UQAM’s multidisciplinary artistic community and encourages hybrid collaboration. It’s aim is to promote the development of local talent and connect with an international audience with educative talks, workshops and an annual publication. Pica is a playground where errors are encourage and boundaries pushed.

Project cover


Pica is a magazine created in 2009 by Ariane Perpignani, Gabrielle Lamontagne and Nadia Samadi. It is a magazine financed, managed and edited by students in graphic design at UQÀM, and for each of its editions the team is entirely renewed. Pica stands out because of its exclusive content designed specifically for the magazine. I was part of the team for the fourth edition, under the theme of Space(s).

Project team

Created in collaboration with Olivier Charland, Sophie Pepin, Sophie Valentine, Guillaume Lépine and Pierre-Olivier Forest-Hivon.